Revolutionizing the Way Garbage is Processed

Wincell Networks has a joint venture with the company S.P. De-Garbage, which has developed a patented and unique de-garbaging method. This method can treat total domestic garbage (plastic, paper, rubber, degradable material, organic waste etc.) excluding glass and metal, and convert it into activated carbon and carbon nano-material, without any pollution, thus contributing to cleanliness, health & environment concerns. This can be done in the premises of residential societies or colonies on daily basis.

S.P. De-Garbage is the first company in the world to offer a unique nanotechnology based GARBAGE PRCESSING SYSTEM for domestic garbage “BY CONVERTING WASTE INTO VALUABLE PRODUCTS”. The product of this company is based on the efforts of Dr. Madhuri Sharon an eminent internationally renowned Nanotechnologist and Prof. Maheshwar Sharon Retd. Prof. IIT Mumbai and eminent Carbon Nanotechnologist.

Advantages of this Innovative Solution:

  • Avoids the Unhealthy Garbage Dumping Issues
  • Avoids the Growth of Pathogens and Harmful Diseases
  • Eliminating Garbage Transportation Costs
  • No to Land Filling, Mass Burning, Ocean Dumping
  • Avoids all kinds of Pollution – Land Fertility, Air and Water Pollution
  • Garbage is processed on daily basis
  • Does not Produce any Solid, Liquid or Gaseous Pollutants
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Procedure