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Solar Home Lighting Systems

Wincell Solar offers Home Lighting Systems that are compact, reliable, portable, and maintenance free. We have a wide range of off-grid solar home lighting systems with LED lights, DC fan, mobile charging USB port and FM radio options.

Solar Home Lighting System is a cost-effective & perfect easy-to-install kit for rural homes, where there is no or less power availability. It can be used as an emergency light backup system or on camping site.

Features & Specifications –

  • High-Efficiency Crystalline Solar Panel: 5Wp to 75Wp
  • Long Life, High Performance CFL / LED luminaire: 1W to 9W
  • Low Maintenance, Deep-Cycle Batteries: 4.5Ah to 75Ah
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity, Battery Over-Charge/Deep-Discharge, Over Load Protection
  • Smart Battery Management System with Battery Charging, Low Battery Indicators
  • In-built PWM based Solar Charge Controller for long-life of battery
  • In-built USB Port to charge Mobile Phones
  • Charging Methods – through Solar Panel or AC Adapter
  • Long Working Hours with 100% charged Batteries
  • Accessories: Mounting brackets/structures and cables
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Certified IP21 enclosure for Indoor use
  • No Power dependence on Grid or kerosene
  • Standard warranty of 1 year, extended warranty available