NMS Communicator

Some of the microwave links in mobile network are not connected to NMS due to multi-vendor scenario. As a result monitoring of the link is difficult and requires huge CAPEX investment for setting up DCN network and recurring operational cost of bandwidth. Network teams are unable to monitor the microwave links 24x7 to take proactive measures to avoid the link failures. Also, it is not possible to provide availability and performance reports. In case of last mile link for enterprise customers, it affects billing because the data to support service outage is not available without having visibility of the link on NMS.

In order to overcome above problems, Wincell Networks has designed and developed an innovative product called “NMS Communicator”. This device has been successfully tested for both CDMA and GSM mobile networks. The WAN interface (USB) of Wincell’s NMS Communicator connects microwave terminal to NMS Server using pre-configured data SIM in mobile network cloud. The Communicator acts like a bridge between GSM network cloud and the microwave radio’s IDU terminal which is to be monitored by the Network Monitoring System (NMS). This new solution has several advantages over the conventional method.

Advantages of Wincell’s NMS Communicator:

  • Microwave link’s Monitoring solution by using NMS Communicator of Wincell Networks doesn’t consume the backbone bandwidth in terms of xE1s. Saves OPEX.
  • Setting up of dedicated DCN is not required. This solution will also remove Media convertors, and aggregators installed at each site by operator for monitoring purpose. This translates into huge CAPEX savings.
  • Each Link is monitored independently. It means no dependency on backend transport network.
  • In case if BTS is down, NMS Communicator will still connect with the NMS and shows the status of microwave link because nearby site can provide the network coverage.
  • Any third party microwave links can be introduced in the network without worrying about NMS connectivity because that can be provided by Wincell NMS Communicator.
  • With NMS Communicator, it is easy to access direct nodes and NMS from anywhere across India.
  • NMS Communicator is designed with built-in re-chargeable batteries which can provide power backup for about 4 hours in case site’s power is down.