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Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

On-Grid Solar MPPT Inverter converts Solar DC electricity into utility-grade AC electricityandfeed directly into the building loads without battery storage. Surplus electricity is exported to the local grid and shortfall is imported from the grid through Net-Metering Connection from utility company.Wincell Solar supply world-class On-Grid Solar Inverters that meet the MNRE requirements.

Specifications & Features -

  • Available Range: 1KW – 5KW (Single Phase); 5KW – 20KW (Three Phase)
  • High MPPT efficiency of more than 99.9% to generate maximum power
  • World-class Technologies with 98.2% conversion efficiency
  • Single/Dual MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
  • IP-65 Environmental Protection Rating - waterproof and dustproof design
  • Built-in GPRS and Wi-Fi as an option for remote monitoring
  • Wide MPPT Operating Voltage Range: 120 – 800 VDC
  • DC Connection Type: MC4 Connector
  • Grid Frequency Range: 45 – 55 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20o C to +60o C
  • Grid Monitoring with Anti Islanding Protection
  • Data Communication Interface: RS-485
  • Computer Communication : USB
  • Cooling Concept – Natural Convection
  • Small Sizeand Light Weight (Transformer less)
  • LCD Screen visible at night
  • Quick Wall Mounting Installation and easy to operate
  • Certifications – IEC 61683, IEC 61727, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 62109-1/2, IEC60068-2
  • Standard Warranty: 5 years (10- 20 years as option)