“We believe in innovations that matter the most, innovations that enhance people’s lives and industries, and innovations that make a real difference to the world!”

Company Profile

Wincell Networks started its operation in India in May 2015 with the aim of providing innovative solutions in three distinct segments - Telecom, Green Energy, and Green Environment – Waste Management. Wincell has applied its unparalleled expertise to develop products that have created new industries and transformed people’s lives. We succeed through sustained investment in R&D, and close collaboration with customers and communities to solve tough technology challenges that are being faced by the world today.

Wincell Networks specializes in mobile networks infrastructure that delivers maximum efficiency, reach and value. Our“Microwave Network Engineering and Optimization” solutions help mobile service providers to improve network reliability and extend the life of existing network assets. Wincell Networks’ innovative technologies, including our proprietary NMS Communicator™ allowing for reach performance advantages, offer exceptional quality and performance, driving customer satisfaction and success. Wincell’s ability to provide turnkey solutions to our service provider customers and our commitment to on-time project completion continues to grow a list of satisfied customers with worldwide expansion plans.

In green energy segment, Wincell Networks is a leading designer and integrator of solar PV systems in India. We are a full service company that offers PV System design, installation and monitoring,integrated sales, financing services for homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations at an affordable cost. Our approach is to install solar systems to the highest engineering standards while making the switch simple for our customers. Wincell also enables power plant infrastructure for utility scale applications.

In the Waste Management segment, Wincell Networks has a joint venturewithM/S S.P. De-Garbage, which has developed a patented and unique de-garbaging method. This method can treat total domestic garbage (plastic, paper, rubber, degradable material, organic waste, etc.) excluding glass and metal, and convert it into activated carbon and carbon nano-material, without any pollution, thus addressing to cleanliness, health & environment concerns. This can be done in the premises of residential societies or colonies on daily basis.

Wincell Network headquarter is located in New Delhi, India, and its research and development staff is located in centers of excellence in New Delhi and Mumbai. Contact Wincell Networks today to see how we can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Commitment and Values

We are committed to provide high-performance, cost effective, and environment friendly solutions to our customers. Our approach is to deliver products that meet the highest engineering standards. Delivery of high quality products and operating with a sense of integrity and honesty are our primary objectives.

Our Vision

Wincell leads primarily by technical innovations and shares a deep belief in the power of technology. It is the same spirit of innovations that enables us to continuously create new products and solutions that will help our community and nation.

Quality Policy

Wincell Network is committed to deliver highest quality products to its customers that are reliable and safe to use. We maintain a quality culture with appropriate systems and processes in place to drive quality-focused behavior of our employees. Wincell’s Quality Policy is implemented through a comprehensive Total Quality Management System (TQMS). Wincell business is conducted in compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards.